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July 28, 2013

Where’s the big giant enema bag when you need it?

I know I said I was on a vacation from politics, and I was. I really was. But the stupidity is so rampant it has grown legs. I cannot bear it, people.

Unfortunately, this will not be pretty. I am probably going to swear a lot, and even say that word people think is useless, but inasmuch as that word can be used as an adjective, a noun, a verb, an adverb, and whatever else I want it to be, I call it downright indispensable.

I’m past caring if people even give a flying biscuit what I’m saying. I have to say it, and the only way I can say it is in writing. Unlike a lot of writers, I don’t write just for me. I have to pretend someone is reading it, and since my imaginary readers have good sense, and my imaginary non-readers don’t, it works just as well. At least imaginary non-readers can’t write and tell me I’m a self-righteous asshole.

I am self-righteous at this moment. Only because I’m right.

Now Texas can openly and legally screw minorities. Not only Texas, of course, but if the world were going to get an enema, teXas marks the spot. That’s mine, there. I made that up.

Want to know how low-down and dirty teXans are? Watch the self-aggrandizing misogynistic members of their Senate during Wendy Davis’s remarkable filibuster against SB-5, another of their ridiculous attempts to make abortion even less available than it now is. They managed to stop the filibuster after 11 hours and some minutes. How? I’ll tell you how.

Those pious pricks suddenly became rule-keeping fools. Guidelines allow the opposition to stop a filibuster if the speaker violates any of several “points of order,” such as going off-topic, leaving her desk or sitting down, or “accepting comfort” from colleagues. Generally, or at least when it’s a Republican filibuster, points of order may be treated casually, to put it mildly. Not so for Davis, who was held rigidly to those guidelines.

The points of order for which she was called on were allowing a colleague to help her put on a back brace; speaking about alternatives to abortion; and speaking about the teXas law in 2011 requiring women seeking abortion to view a sonogram.

Well, I’m calling a point of order, and because it concerns a 1) dirty 2) low-down 3) dishonest act, it counts as three. According to the Boston Globe,  “Republicans insisted they had started voting before the midnight deadline and passed the bill that Democrats spent much of Tuesday filibustering. But after official computer records and printouts of the voting record showed the vote took place on Wednesday, and then were changed to read Tuesday, senators convened for a private meeting.” No doubt.

Later that week, Governor Rick Perry said of Davis, “It’s too bad she didn’t learn from her mistakes,” referring to the fact that Wendy Davis was a teen single mother and the daughter of a single mother, his implication—along with that of many of Davis’s opponents—being that Davis and her mother both had pregnancies out of wedlock. Apparently a huge mistake in teXas, which ranked 4th out of 50 states in the number of teen parents. The last census indicated that teen pregnancies in the U.S. as a whole stood at 32.2%. teXas? 54.2%.

The truth is that Davis’s mother, Virginia Russell, was not single when she gave birth to Wendy. Unless “single” is defined as having been married five years. She did, however, become a single mother. She and Davis’s father divorced when Wendy was 11. Then, with a sixth grade education, Mrs. Russell raised four children, one of whom became a state senator. Bad, bad woman. Let’s all throw mud at her.

Wendy Davis herself was also married when she gave birth, but divorced soon after. As a single mother, she graduated from a community college, moved on to teXas Christian University, and later received a degree from Harvard. Horrible mistakes, those. Save some mud for her.

Governor Perry, though. A whole ‘nother story, although not as sordid as he seems to think Davis’s is. Two parents, thank you very much. Graduated from teXas A & M with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Really. Not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that. One of his most memorable acts at teXas A & M was stuffing a good many chickens into an upperclassman’s closet while the other student was on Christmas break. I wonder if he fed them daily or let them die. I guess that would depend on their political party and socioeconomic status. I’m thinking a bunch of dead chickens.

The other thing he did that was memorable was toss M-80s into the men’s restroom while others were doing what one does in a toilet. That Rick. What a prankster. His sense of humor, juvenile though it is, is apparently the only thing he retained from his time as a democrat.

Davis, not so much the joker. But I’d bet money she can name all governmental agencies. Even the ones she wouldn’t eliminate if she were president.

However successful Wendy Davis’s filibuster was, the bill was signed by Perry two weeks later. According to Perry, “This legislation builds on the strong and unwavering commitment we have made to defend life and protect women’s health.”

Don’t even get me started on their express lane to lethal injection. The state of teXas just executed its 500th person last month. And, just FYI, that was a woman. Oops.

But what are you going to do? Like I said. teXas.

And I didn’t swear nearly as much as I thought I would.



  1. Well, Carol, on the positive side, virtually all efforts so far to curb women’s reproductive rights have done nothing. Mandatory ultrasound viewing? No effect. Well, almost no effect; post-viewing surveys indicate that they make most women feel better about abortion because, to quote one woman, “I thought it would be bigger. It looked like a little bean.” Oops. And the requirement for parental consent? No effect. Well, except for Tennessee, where it led to an increase in abortion rates. People who cook up all these laws are such dimwits, they think all people are just like them. So, something that would distress, offend, or otherwise disturb them would HAVE to have the same impact on everyone on the planet, right? They’re SHOCKED when people vote for an African American President. Shocked that most young people, including most young Christians, support the right to same sex marriage. Shocked when women keep getting abortions no matter how difficult they make it. And SHOCKED when so many women continue to use oral contraceptives, including Plan B, despite the fact that they can -gasp – allow sperm and egg to meet (but not implant). Oh, the shame. It’s okay. Wendy Davis will be around a long time. She’s young. She’s smart. And the teXas legislature is full of mostly old white guys who will eventually die off. Rick Perry might go after the Republican nomination for President again, which would give us months of entertainment, before he finally crashes and burns. Then you can dust off the cuss words you didn’t use here, because nobody can inspire that like Rick.


    Comment by Audrey — July 28, 2013 @ 4:24 pm | Reply

  2. Sometimes I want to move back to Oklahoma just so I can vote against these idiots: teXas, Oklahoma, Louisianna, Arkansas, & a lot of other places . . . just baffle me, as far a politics. And I lived there 40-plus years; I should be able to understand it. There are many things that make me proud to still call myself an Okie, but politics is not one of them.
    One thing I heard recently that comes close to hitting the nail on the head is two words — American Taliban. What other political group treats women so badly? Remember — the Taliban outlawed music, & their leader (before our invasion) was trying to enact another law — no laughter. I’m not making this up.

    Fear of change, and allowing yourself to be orchestrated by it (or not), is obvious to a lot of us. Sadly, not enough.

    Thank you sisters


    Comment by Michael Smith — July 29, 2013 @ 1:55 am | Reply

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