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December 15, 2012

Blame me, blame you, blame anybody but God

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The fact is, we all know things, and not everyone has to know that we know it. I often do that very thing on this blog–if I know it, it’s going to, at some point, fall onto these virtual pages.

The thing I know today isn’t a fact for anyone, as in it can’t be proven. It’s my knowledge, born of my feelings, personal to me. But, as I’ve said before, it’s my blog, written for me and read by others only through the goodness of their hearts and, sometimes, just to see how stupid one human will admit to being. Don’t even ask me why I do those things or why I admit to them. It’s a gift. Or a curse.

You know what else is a gift? Unconditional love, be it from mother, father, lover, friend, spouse, child, friend. And that, that right there, unconditional love, is precious, sometimes hard to get and even harder to give. Maybe some of us have never known it.

In case you’re worried, I’m not working up to a sermon. Even I am not idiot enough to subject you to that.

What happened in CT yesterday is a tragedy in the true sense of the word. It was senseless; innocent children died and the innocence of others was lost; the adults who cared for those children died. And, no less tragic, a man died by his own hand, a man whose pain was so great we can’t fathom it, so great he couldn’t contain it.

We can blame guns. We can blame a lack of vigilance in checking the backgrounds of people who purchase guns. We can blame the politicians who turn a blind eye to the need for more mental health care and oversight. We can blame them, too, for the inability of some people to access what few resources there are. We can blame drug companies for the exhorbitant prices they put on the drugs that could alleviate at least some of the pain the mentally ill experience.

And we can blame a lack of parity in insurance benefits–no one questions the number of visits to an internist or a gynecologist in a calendar year, but a limit is placed on the number of visits to a psychiatrist or psychologist. After that limit, the patient pays the entire amount. Sometimes that decision can be challenged, if the professional in question files a mountain of paper work and provides the correct answers to the endless questions.

But you know who we can’t blame? God, and by “God” I mean whatever deity to whom you feel an allegiance. That unconditional love I mentioned is the number one selling point of just about any deity I can think of. Unconditional is by definition without condition. If God has been “taken out of the schools”–which is patently untrue. Prayer is allowed at any time, in any place, but not imposed on anyone by being “officially” sanctioned and led by teachers or other figures of authority, and not limited to the Christian understanding of God–but if God had been “taken out of the schools,” what kind of God would seek vengeance on anyone, much less small children? Not a god of unconditional love.

I don’t believe–and this is just me–that God is male or female, or is limited to any building or any region, and I don’t believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. What I do believe is that God is love.

I don’t know if I believe in the divinity of Christ, but I do believe he set for us an example we can live by. Not what he wore. Not where he lived or with whom he lived or how many times he prayed every day. Certainly not what he looked like, because we have no idea. I’d wager he’s not a blue-eyed Nordic type, but I don’t know that for sure.

Divinity or not, he taught us to love, to turn the other cheek. He taught us to feed the hungry, house the homeless, care for the sick. He taught us to strive for the ideals of faith, hope, and love. Of these, he says, the greatest is love. He tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

If that’s what is expected of us, how can we expect God to be any different?

The bottom line is that tragedy is not “caused” by God. Events don’t take place because of God’s failure to protect us.

Shit happens, and it happens because men and women are fallible.
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  1. You always nail it. God is love, unconditional love and that’s our only true calling, to recognize how loved we are and, in turn, love others in the same way, not a manufactured-I-have-to-love-you set of rules but a love borne out of knowing our own infinite value and a natural desire to pass that on to others who don’t look, smell, or believe like us, including sad, frightened mentally ill men with Glocks in their hands. Jesus loved his neighbor without qualifying them as deserving by any standards, unconditionally. Dear God, help us all to know how loved we are so we can love in the same way.


    Comment by Michelle — December 15, 2012 @ 12:30 pm | Reply

  2. Beautiful! Sally B.


    Comment by Sally Bright — December 15, 2012 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

  3. Hey,this is better than my sermon.I am going to call the union.actually,glen told me i have a max of 10 minutes tomorrow and this is better than my poem on Light-the theme for the choir concert.please foward a copy to the office with the note-paul said put this in the visitor. with gratitude, paul


    Comment by paul ashby — December 15, 2012 @ 9:10 pm | Reply

  4. You are correct. The Lord loves us so much and he gave us free will to follow him or not. I have been upset too and today reading scripture has helped give me comfort. Thank you for your words.


    Comment by 8machines — December 15, 2012 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

  5. You are simply amazing.


    Comment by Becky — December 16, 2012 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  6. Thank you, Carol. Religions have managed to manipulate God into someone who just happens to support all the same things they do. Needless to say, Westboro Baptist Church is currently expressing precisely the explanation for the tragedy that you are rejecting. But there are plenty of people today besides the Westboro folks who are busy blaming and even hating. Blaming the shooter, his mother, the NRA, politicians, violent video game makers, and on and on. If only more people could be like you – ditch the holy books, and all the arguments about how to interpret them and their various Gods, and just open their hearts.


    Comment by Audrey — December 16, 2012 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  7. I don’t owe allegiance to any critter. I owe kindness and compassion to my fellow and co- female human beings. I owe justice and peace. And Help.
    I do not beg any gods for mercy or blame any when they don’t do what I want. I do not wish upon a star to win the lottery or expect a paycheck when my tooth falls out.
    I certainly don’t listen to other guideless folks telling me what gods want from me. I can make my own mistakes, thank you very much.
    However, I do not blame anyone but that shooter. He woke up that morning and decided to kill whatever he could. I know people, including myself, who had nuts for parents, who were ignored, molested and maligned. Even bullied. It built “character.” I am a character, but no where on my menu is murder and mayhem to innocents. Why not? I know how to fire a gun.
    When a person decides to forgive and move on, they are officially adults. If a person cannot do this without help, hopefully SOMEONE will help him before he runs into the law, drug, or a rifle. It is our Society’s JOB to help OTHERS to get help, support, and freedom from pain.
    That is what society is FOR, not just partying at artificial “holidays” and fund-raising to save the chip-worm.
    We as a society FAIL at this, every time any person with any weapon takes out (murders) anyone. We are not a Success, just because everyone has an X-Box or more than one pair of shoes.
    These horrible occasions serve to remind us of our failures, along with mourning the loss of innocents.
    I am deeply saddened and also re-energized to work for peace in our time.
    Call your Congressman. Write. Love.


    Comment by ponytail girl — December 18, 2012 @ 10:51 am | Reply

  8. I personally tend to agree with everything that has been authored in “Blame me, blame you, blame anybody but God
    Ruminations of a Red Dirt Hussy”. Many thanks for pretty much all the actual advice.
    I appreciate it-Eleanore


    Comment by — February 10, 2013 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

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