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November 2, 2012

Sick and tired . . .

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Long time no write, huh. I’m busy being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m electioned out. My inbox is full of pleas for money. My TV is full of mean-mouthing, lie-telling, dirt-digging, mud-slinging cretins and their imbecilic minions, all of whom would do more good with their money by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and housing the homeless. My telephone never rings unless the caller is a robot. Because a democrat and a republican live here, it’s BS from both sides of, not the “aisle,” as those more polite than I would put it, but from both sides of that slimy rock from under which they crawled.

And speaking of robots, and government, come to think of it, get this. My mortgage is through the Big, Bad, Bank of Oklahoma. I have a 15-day grace period. I have never ever paid late, meaning after that grace period. Ever. But on the 6th of each month, if that check isn’t on someone’s desk, the robo-calls start. Weekends. Weekdays. Multiple times a day. So I email the loan officer who says, “Oh. Well, we can’t stop that. We’re required by . . .” I don’t know who. Something like FreddieMac. SallieMae. LucyLiu. Somebody governmental.

And this. This isn’t government related, but should be, because it’s garbage-man related. The new Tulsa garbage pickup? Doesn’t. Pick up, I mean. It started Oct. 1, and our garbage was finally picked up without multiple phone calls YESTERDAY, Nov. 1. And it only cost us $1000. Know why? Because when TBL, the most controlled person I know, went out to talk to the driver, who had missed us again, the conversation became heated, and there was some finger POINTING, literally pointing, which led to said garbage hauling person calling the police and filing charges against said pointer. Somehow, pointing became poking in the chest, and poking in the chest became assault and battery–with a FINGER, people, and that finger never made contact with a chest. But you know, like they say, a good liar always has a back-up liar, and having a back-up liar means it’s the other guy who has to pay $1,000 for a lawyer so he doesn’t have to suck it up and plead guilty to a fabrication.

It just goes to show. Integrity doesn’t pay. If TBL didn’t have integrity, we would have concocted a scheme wherein I was HIS backup liar. It’s a good thing he didn’t ask me to do that. I would have. Because I don’t have overly-developed integrity. Not when it’s a question of liars and the lying lies they tell. (Did I just make that up? I didn’t think so.)

So, anyway, that’s what’s been happening here. The good news is, I haven’t grown a vagina on my neck.

More on that another day.



  1. Vagina, vagina, vagina! Ok, That should hold me for another week. My DH refuses to go with me to re-see Bob Dylan. I saw him 35 years ago – 2 husbands ago – and will again tonight. Dylan will still be nasal, obnoxiously aloof, and the greatest lyricist since – David (of Bible fame.)

    Husband will continue to suffer “velcro-butt” until his election cycle is over. If Obama is un-seated, we are packing for Costa Rica – to live among the parrots and monkey and knives (oh, my!)
    Or not, just abiding the way things are like we did with Bushit for 12 years and more.
    Love you carol!


    Comment by ponytail girl — November 2, 2012 @ 10:42 am | Reply

  2. Oh lord. I evidently need to watch more TV or get out of the house more often-or something. A vagina on your neck??? Is this some new political insult I have yet to hear, even though I feel as if I’ve heard e-v-e-r-y idiotic syllable that’s been uttered/written/sang in the last few months? I’m sorry to hear about the stupid, stupid garbage men. I don’t understand why the city doesn’t do something after all the complaints they’ve had. Sometimes I’m sorry I don’t live in Tulsa County, that I live out in the boondocks, but then I hear about some of the stuff going on “over there”… I hope you feel better soon, my friend. And remember, you need anyone beat up or told off, give me a holler; I’ll take care of that for you. 😉


    Comment by Gloria Teague — November 2, 2012 @ 10:45 am | Reply

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